We asked some of our favorite artists to create tracks using DopplerPad.

There were no rules other than that simple challenge. Whether they are weaving loops into studio compositions or conjuring full tracks on the train, Eskmo, Exillon, Jneiro Jarel, and Starkey bring us a diverse set of tracks ranging from dense beats to sonic landscapes.

Enjoy the free Outer Spaces EP.


01 Eyephone Around The Pad


02 Popplerdad

Jneiro Jarel

03 DopplerWhoDat?


04 Hurricane's Doppler


San Francisco based musician Eskmo (Brendan Angelides) records for Planet Mu and Warp Records, as well as running his Ancestor record label. The kaleidoscopic sounds that he has created in the past 10 years shine with a bright spectrum of color (an early single “Hypercolor,” describes this sound perfectly). Using an array of effects, synths, and software, he crafts intricate epics using a bevy of found sound recordings. This has led him to collaborate with Amon Tobin on the Eskamon project, “Fine Objects.” Recently XLR8R magazine described his music as “science-fiction like...spine tingling stuff.”


Selected Discography

Eskamon (with Amon Tobin) - "Fine Objects” (Ancestor, 2010)

Eprom/Eskmo - “Hendt/Lands and Bones feat. Swan” (Warp, 2010)

“Let Them Sing”/“From The Standpoint” (Planet Mu, 2009)

Bibio - “Dwrcan (Eskmo Remix)" The Apple & The Tooth (Warp, 2009)

STS9 “Shock Doctrine (Eskmo Remix)” Peaceblaster (1320 Records, 2009)

Hypercolor EP (Ancestor, 2009)

“Agnus Dei”/“Harmony” (Ancestor, 2009)


Exillon aka Jay Fields began playing drums at 12, was hooked on guitar by 13, started fiddling around with a bass at 15, and then his family got their first computer. He played drums with a band for 4 years, but a need to have absolute control over every aspect of his music propelled him into solo electronic work. At age 16 his friends Alex & Jesse introduced him to a simple, sample based sequencer called Impulse Tracker that was being used amongst the demo scene. Curiosity quickly evolved into a disturbing infatuation. And his dedication shows with the elegance of his music. Like a true obsessive compulsive Fields can often be seen quietly working on his laptop polyrhythms during his lunch break, on the bus, or on the train. He has releases on Ad Noiseam, Zod Records, Component Records and Puzzling Records.

Selected Discography

It”s OK To Dance (Ad Noiseam, 2009)

The Keening Dithers (Ad Noiseam, 2006)

A Bit Young For You EP (PuZZling Records, 2006)

Jneiro Jarel

With more monikers than Kool Keith, Jneiro Jarel”s (Dr. Who Dat?) collaborations and producer credits are almost too many to mention. Highlights include works with Khujo Goodie (as Willie Isz), DOOM, TV on the Radio, and many more. Often being described as "experimental" and "psychedelic," Jarel simply calls his ever-changing, abstract approach "the viberian experience," where various musical styles and influences have beautifully coalesced to become something all it's own. Jarel recently released the genre re-defining Android Love Mayhem from his newly-launched Label Who imprint, distributed by Alpha Pup. A new album for Kindred Spirits entitled Fauna is forthcoming summer 2010.

Selected Discography

Jneiro Jarel - Android Love Mayhem (Label Who, 2010) 2010

Dr. Who Dat? - Beyond 2morrow (Lex Records, 2009)

Capital Peoples - Amazonica (Label Who, 2009)

With Willie Isz - Georgiavania (Lex Records, 2009)

Shape of Broad Minds - Craft of the Lost Art (Lex Records, 2007)

Shape of Broad Minds - The Blue Experience EP (Lex Records, 2007)

Dr. Who Dat? - Beat Journey (Lex Records, 2006)

Dr. Who Dat? - Rhyme Cycle EP (Lex Records, 2006)

Jneiro Jarel - Three Piece Puzzle (Kindred Spirits, 2005)


Starkey (PJ Geissinger) has been creating “street bass,” his unique blend of grime, dubstep, and bass music for 10 years. With releases on Planet Mu, Seclusiasis, and LoDubs, the Philadelphia producer and classically trained musician is a constant force in the clubs, demonstrating an infectious ear for melody and an unadulterated love of rhythm. Recently featured on Mary Anne Hobbs BBC1 Experimental show for the “Building The Beat” special, he (along with Anneka and Reso) created an entirely new song using listener-provided samples. His latest release is the album tour-de-force, Ear Drums and Black Holes, for Planet Mu.


Building The Beat: Starkey

Selected Discography

Ear Drums and Black Holes (Planet Mu, 2010)

“Stars feat. Anneka” (Planet Mu, 2010)

Starkey Presents Street Bass Vol. 4 (Seclusiasis, 2010)

“Ok Luv feat. Badness” (Planet Mu, 2009)

Starkbass: A Continuous DJ Mix by Starkey (LoDubs, 2009)

Ephemeral Exhibits (Planet Mu, 2008)

Music © the artists. DopplerPad, Retronyms and Outer Spaces are © Retronyms 2010. Photography by Esther Seijmonsbergen.