How do I install DopplerPad?

To install DopplerPad, go to the App Store on your phone or the iTunes Store on your computer. Search for DopplerPad and click “buy app.” If you got DopplerPad on your phone, the icon will appear on your home screen and start to download immediately. If you got DopplerPad on your computer, sync with iTunes for DopplerPad to load onto your phone.

How do I use DopplerPad?

Please take a look at the detailed user guide.

What devices can I use DopplerPad on?

DopplerPad will work on any iPhone or iPod Touch running the latest 3.0 OS.

Do I need headphones?

You do not need headphones to use DopplerPad, but it's highly recommended for the best experience.

How can I hear DopplerPad using external speakers?

As long as you have an adapter that plugs into the headphones jack, you can route the sound from your phone to any kind of audio output device.

Can I make my own DopplerPad sound patches?

Not yet, but stay tuned for future releases of DopplerPad!

The app isn’t starting up... what do I do?

Try rebooting your phone. If it still doesn’t start, you might have to reinstall the software.

How do I reinstall DopplerPad?

In the iPhone’s home screen, press and hold the DopplerPad icon until all the apps start to wiggle. An “x” will appear next to any downloaded app; press the “x” next to dopplerpad to delete it. Once deleted, go to the AppStore or iTunes to “buy” it again. As long as you use the same account that you did for the original purchase, you won’t be charged again.

Still have questions?

Please email our support staff at with the details of your issue. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

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I love DopplerPad!!!

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